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Aksaray, Turkey

Having been surrounded by photographers, both professional and amateur, most of my life, I never found the need to pick up a camera. That was until I bought my wife her first SLR--a Canon Rebel XS. I began playing around with it at home and soon enjoyed photography. While on trips I would pry the camera out of my wife's hands to get pictures of my own when she wasn't shooting. Eventually I became the one taking the pictures and she became the observer.


A few years and several thousand pictures later I have decided to share my work with others. I have not published this website because I believe my photography has great artistic worth and must be seen by the masses. I have had the opportunity to visit interesting places, experience unique cultures and meet incredible people around the world. These, the places, cultures and people, are what I believe are worth sharing.


I do not consider myself proficient in photography. I struggle with both the artistic and technical aspects of the craft. I have had no formal training. I am, however, a student. Constantly reading. Constantly emulating. Constantly learning. If you have comments or advice that you think might help me on this journey I am traveling, please don't hesitate to contact me.                                

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